FAQs About Skin Checks

Skin checks offered by your Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and Arcadia, FL, dermatologist, Dr. Manuel Hernandez, offer a simple way to spot potential signs of skin cancer. Our FAQ answers the most commonly asked questions about skin checks.

Why Are Skin Checks Important?

It's easy to overlook changes in your skin, particularly in out-of-the-way places. When you make skin checks a priority, it's much easier to notice a change in a mole or a new spot on your skin. If you do happen to have skin cancer, the earlier the spot is treated, the better.

How Are Skin Checks Performed?

Skin checks involve looking at every inch of your skin for changes or new spots or growths. Conduct a home check at least every month. (A handheld mirror can help you ensure that you don't miss any areas.) At least once a year, schedule a visit with your Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and Arcadia, FL, skin doctor for a professional skin check. If your dermatologist does notice any suspicious moles or growths, he'll remove them and send them to a laboratory for testing.

What Skin Changes Should I Be Concerned About?

These signs and symptoms warrant a visit to the dermatologist:

  • Change to the Size, Color or Shape of a Mole: If a mole has changed color, grown larger, has blurred or irregular edges, or is no longer symmetrical, make an appointment with the dermatologist:
  • Other Mole Signs and Symptoms: Other mole changes that should be investigated include rough, bumpy, crusty, itchy, swollen, oozing or painful moles.
  • Bumps and Sores: Let your skin doctor know if you have a red or pearly bump that never seems to go away or sore that isn't healing normally.
  • Unusual Skin Patches: Areas of scaly, crusty, red skin or flat patches that look like scars also need to be examined.

What Happens if I’m Diagnosed With Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is very treatable when diagnosed in the early stages. After receiving your diagnosis, you'll return to the dermatology office for treatments or surgery to remove any remaining cancer cells. Many people are understandably concerned about scarring after skin cancer surgery. Fortunately, Mohs surgery, an innovative procedure that removes skin layer-by-layer, preserves healthy skin and reduces scarring.

Is it time for you to schedule a skin check? Call your dermatologist in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and Arcadia, FL, Dr. Hernandez, at (941) 764-7773 to schedule your appointment.